September 15, 2017

Dear Artists,

Please check the following list for your name. If it is shown than we are pleased to inform you that the jurors, Betz and Jim Green, have selected your work for inclusion in the sixth annual juried exhibition at the Stover Mill Gallery.

We remind you that all works must be for sale and ready for installation. Framed works must be securely wired and not exceed a weight of 15 pounds. Maximum height or width, including frame is 36 inches. Sculptures may not weigh more than 75 pounds, may be provided with a base (if appropriate), and may not exceed 24 x 24 inches of floor space.

Delivery of works:

To the Stover Mill Gallery, 852 River Road, Erwinna, PA 18920 on:

Sunday October 8th from 11:30am to 2:30 pm

Monday October 9th from 4:30pm to 6:30 pm

Please bring with you a one-page biography that will be included in a binder for the information of visitors to the gallery.

The gallery will be open on Saturdays and Sundays through November 6th, from 1 to 5pm, beginning on October 14th. The opening reception will be held on Sunday, October 15th, from
1 to 5 pm. An invitation is available for your use on this website, please invite your family and friends.

Pick up of your work will be held on Sunday November 5th from 4- 6pm and Monday November 6th from 1 pm - Noon, or thereafter by appointment.

Congratulations on your inclusion in this exhibition.

Best Regards,

Art Advisory Committee
Stover Mill Gallery

2017 Stover Mill Gallery
Juried Exhibition Accepted Artists

  • Allen, Robert
  • Andrews, Earle
  • Baumlin, Edward
  • Bee, Joann Schneider
  • Bischoff, Milly
  • Bobinski, Denise
  • Buchman, Lynne
  • Bunn, Dot
  • Chesterton, Jeanne
  • Coutin, Sheila Watson
  • Dalton, Kit
  • Dierks, Connie
  • Donnelly, Bill
  • Eater, Deborah
  • Franzo, Laurie
  • Freed, Holli
  • Glatt, Jennifer
  • Henninger, Luther
  • Hocynec, Addie
  • Hoeschen, Dorothy
  • Hoffman, Richard
  • Hohman, Susan
  • Jersey, Bill
  • King, Evelyn
  • Landis, Anne
  • Long, Patricia
  • Long, Phillip
  • Manning, Edward
  • McBrearty, Jack
  • McCall, Christopher
  • McSherry, Kathleen
  • Mersky, Shirley
  • Milne, Margie
  • Minka, David
  • Nelson, Dusty
  • Nentwig, Kimberlee Diana
  • O'Neill, Jane
  • Perry, Ginny
  • Pruitt, Louis
  • Rao, Smita
  • Rothenberg, Ingrid
  • Ruenes, Cindy
  • Schoenleber, Beth
  • Schoenleber, Donald
  • Szygiel, Jas
  • Thompson, Emily
  • Thompson, George
  • VonBetzen, Valerie
  • Vorum, Dore
  • Willoughby, Reny
  • Wisniewski, Stephen
  • Wojtaszek, Chris
  • Ziegler, Valarie